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Healthy Spirits Clement 4th Anniversary Sunday April 23rd

We’re turning 4, so it’s time once again for our anniversary sale!  Here’s what we’ve got planned this year:


1. Cellar Sale from 10 – 11 a.m. Rare and vintage selections will be available from some of the best beer and whiskey producers in the world!


A full list of all items will be released Friday in our email newsletter.


2. General Sale from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Discounts of 10% off all sales except cellar and raffle items (15% off for Club Members with Club Cards, cellar and raffle items excluded).

3. Raffle: We’ll be raffling off the ability to purchase Van Winkle whiskey. Our final schedule and list of all raffle items will be released this Friday in our email newsletter, so be sure you’re signed up on our list!

Rules & Conditions for Raffle

1. Raffle tickets will become available one hour prior to each drawing.
2. You may only enter a particular raffle once. If you attempt to enter multiple times, you’ll be disqualified from all raffles.
3. You must be present when your number is called. If you are not in the store, we will have no choice but to draw another ticket.
4. THIS IS NOT A FREE BOTTLE GIVEAWAY! You are entering to win the opportunity to purchase a particular bottle. If you’ve ever attempted to find any of these products, you’ll know that this is a fine prize indeed!


Our friends from Heaven Hill will be sampling some of their spirits, so don’t miss out!

Agave Beer News Whiskey

End of Summer Bonanza!





Warmer weather can only mean one thing in SF: Summer is coming to an end.  But don’t fret!  We here at Healthy Spirits are going to get you ready for Fall with three exciting events next weekend, featuring rare whiskeys, sour beers, and all the agave spirits you can stomach!  Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details!

Beer News

Limited Barebottle Crowlers: On Shelves Friday, September 2nd


      We are elated to introduce crowlers (32 oz) from Barebottle Brewing Company to our shelves at all three stores this Friday to kick off the long weekend! Barebottle brews innovative beers inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area using local ingredients wherever possible, and partners with local homebrewing groups to develop new beers using a competitive method. All three stores will have crowlers of Galaxy Quest IPA. According to their “tech board”, “GQ is a New England-Style IPA that comes in at 6.1% ABV and at 58 IBUs: pairing hard-to-find Galaxy hops (BOOM! Tropical) with the famous Burlington yeast (BOOM! Peach) for a stone fruit & tropical aroma bonanza. Never give up! Never Surrender!”

Also, each store will have crowlers from an additional offering from Barebottle. The Castro store will have Scurvy Fighter; a 5.4% American Pale Ale (45IBUs) – inspired by 49er pioneers who grew citrus to combat weakness & anemia. This all Citra(R)-hopped medal-winner will keep you feeling strong!

The Clement store will have Sparkling Wheat; a 4.4% American Wheat Ale brewed with a blend of three wheat malt varieties, this crisp, refreshing, incredibly clear beer was designed to be enjoyed on those elusive hot SF days.

The Cortland store will have the Muir Woods IPA (B), the winner of this year’s SF Homebrewers’ Guild IPA competition. Like a citrus-laced pine cone, bursting with notes of pine needles & oranges. Rye malts add a liberating spiciness – both complex & refreshing!

 For our members, we shall reserve one if you give us a call. Otherwise, plan accordingly because these will be super-limited. Cheers!


Agave Beer Whiskey

Get Dad What He Really Wants For Father’s Day!


Three ways to get Dad what he really wants for Father’s Day:

  1. Sign Dad up for one of our three expert spirit clubs: Beer, American Whiskey or Agave. He’ll pick up selections once a month from one of our three stores, and get great perks including: detailed educational notes and brewer/distiller history, 10% off discount card, first shot at limited releases and ability to reserve bottles, and occasional free access to industry events. Sign up online now or come into the shop and grab his first month’s selections to give to him in person.
  2. Don’t live in town or don’t have time to stop by the shop? Let us deliver happiness in bottle. From the Postmates app on your phone search for Healthy Spirits for a quick and easy way to get the job done. If you’d like to get a more personal recommendation, larger selection or gift packaging, please call any of our three stores directly and we can schedule an Uber delivery any day of the week, including Father’s Day!
  3. Dad lives in another part of California or out of state? No problem, we ship to any part of California and all other states that allow it. Let us help get the perfect gift for Dad in the mail. You can add a personalized message or gift packaging. Standard shipping rates apply. For all shipping orders please call the Castro store directly at: 415-255-0610




Agave Beer News Whiskey

New inventory and deals at Healthy Spirits (Bernal Heights)

Howdy folks, Eli here reporting from the apex of Cortland Avenue.  The sky is gray, the rain intermittent and the wind is cold.  Perfect weather for big coats, beanies and whiskey.  Below you’ll find a glimpse of our new inventory at Cortland and this week’s sale.



Mezcalosfera:  Produced by the founders of Mezcaloteca and Maestro Mezcalero, Felipe Cortes.  It’s a blend of Tobala and Madrecuixe.  Only 3 bottles available, priced at $189.99.  Agave Club members can pick it up for $169.99.

-Tasting Notes:

I drink my mezcal from a Glencairn glass which narrows the aromas. Putting your nose in the spirit and moving it away allows you to experience the aromatics of this mezcal in layers.  At the furthest point which is for me, about 3″ inches away I smell very sweet cake frosting.  Moving on in, I get bright, green and lush aromatics reminiscent of fresh nopales (steamed cactus), I also get pine and well done salted pork of all things.

On the palate, I the first thing I get is a sweet flame which coats my entire mouth instantly and in it’s dissipation, the piney-ness really stands out. It’s very herbaceous and ends dry and with black peppercorn, cucumber and candy corn sweetness.

Mezcal Marca Negra:  Another amazing line up from a few fantastic distillers.  I have the Espadin $69.99, Tobala $146.99, Dobadaan $149.99, Tepeztate $159.99 and last but definitely not least we got the rare Arroqueño $159.99.

Mezcal Tosba:  Two cousins from Oaxaca came here in the late 90’s to realize the American Dream and were inspired by what they saw happen in the Silicon Valley.  One of them went back to Oaxaca and studied under the mezcaleros, the other went to business school and together they started Mezcal Tosba.  They cultivate their own Espadin, Tobala and their Pechuga is made with local fruits from the local tropical forest and it really comes through with notes of banana, mango and fresh wet earth.  Espadin $63.99, Tobala $159.99 and the Pechuga is $109.99


Leopold’s American Small Batch Gin 40%: Juniper, orris root and hand zested American pummelos and oranges. 40% $42.99

Leopold’s Navy Strength American Gin 57%: Because it was stored next to gunpowder munitions on naval warships, Navy Strength gin was distilled to a proof just high enough that if it spilled during battle, the ship’s gunpowder would still ignite.  Each botanical is individually distilled and then blended together to produce this beauty.   $52.99

Hayman’s Old Tom Gin 40% – Smooth, botanical intensive and flavorful English Gin with a bit of sweetness.  $32.99

Engine 49 California Gold Gin 40% –   This style of gin is made by letting the botanicals sit in the neutral grain spirit after distillation.  If you love herbal tea, this taste like herbal tea. $34.99


The Scarlett Ibis Trinidad Rum 49% – Blend of 3-5 year aged Trinidad rums.  To retain the character of the sugar cane it is not chill filtered.  $37.99

Denizen Aged White Rum 40% – Blend of amazing small batch rums sourced from Trinidad and Jamaica.  Honestly the best white rum I’ve had for $20.

Denizen Merchant’s Reserve 43% – Another beauty of a rum from the Denizen blenders.  $34.99


Great King Street.  We got two new scotch blends from Compass Box.  The Glasgow Blend is rich with peaty-smokiness, underpinned by sherry cask-aged whiskies, full of dried fruit and wine character.  Palate is full and round with a little sweetness.  The Artist’s Blend is a blend of rich single malts and single grain whiskies.  Both are available in 375ml bottles for $29.99.

Black Saddle 12yr Bourbon 45%- Who said older whiskies are hard to find?  Black Saddle is back in the shop for $54.99


Modern Times: City of the Dead

Modern Times: Hooloomooloo Double IPA

Modern Times: Fruitlands Sour Apricot Gose

Modern Times Orderville: Dank Mosaic IPA

Modern Times: Floating World: Tropical ‘otherworldly’ Ipa

Coronado/Bear Republic Collaboration: It’s called MerBear.  We have two different bottlings of this, one from each brewery that took a slightly different twist on the recipe.  Try them both at Healthy Spirits.

Almanac – Peach de Brettaville

Almanac – Elephant de Brettaville

Paradox Beer Co– Skully Barrel no.37 & Hell for Stout

This is just a glimpse of the inventory we got in this week.  We get in a ton of new items all the time and there are differences in inventory between our three (soon to be 4) shops, so it’s worth it to follow us on social media.  The Book, The Instant Gram and the Tweeter are all good ways of keeping up with us. 

SAVE 15% this week on:

High West Whiskies: Double Rye, Rendevous Rye, American Prairie, Son of Bourye, Bourye and Campfire.

Small Food Hands: Gum Syrup, Grenadine, Tonic Syrup, Orgeat and Passion Fruit Syrup

Corsair Whiskies.  We have the Ryemageddon, Wildfire, Galaxy, Mosaic, Oatrage and last but not least our exclusive Triple Smoke.

Rami’s Mommy: We have our own line of hummus, spicy hummus, baba ganoush and jalepeño lebani.  No preservatives and made fresh every week.  Try them out!


New Beer Arrivals from Modern Times, North Coast, Perennial and more…

New, new, new beers so dry those tears…

Modern Times – Mega Black House
Imperial Stout made with Coffee and Oatmeal

Modern Times – Fruitlands
Sour Cherry Gose

North Coast – Steller IPA
Limited Release Herbal IPA

Perennial – Pineapple Kumquat Berliner Weisse
Ale fermented with Pineapples and Kumquats

De Struise – Aestatis
Imperial Saison

Green’s – Enterprise
Gluten-Free Dry-hopped Lager


New Arrivals from Sudwerk, Monkish, Port, Green Flash and Stone

Damn it feels good to be a Californian.

We got loads of beer in this week (and today). Nearly all of it from California (which I’m realizing as I’m typing this). And out of all the beer we received today, the one that is most curious to us is the Funke Hop Farm from Sudwerk. I believe its the first time we are seeing it at the shop (or in San Francisco for that matter).

We don’t know a whole lot about the beer other than what we found on the internets. The Beer Of The Month Club website had this to say about it:

“Brewed with oats and wheat, and fermented out with two strains of saison yeast. It spends about six to nine months in an assortment of barrels-Petite Sirah, Grenache, Chardonnay-while being fermented with Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and a house yeast culture from their in-house solera system. It’s then blended with an all-Brett beer that’s barrel-aged separately, bringing in more tropical and guava notes. Oh, and it’s dry-hopped at 1.5 pounds per barrel with Simcoe, Nelson, and Citra.”

Sounds intensely good. We gotta try it. You can buy it at both our locations.

On that note, hop on down the rest of this page to see the other Cali-beers that are now (literally chilling) in the fridge at Healthy Spirits. They wanna be drunk. So drank’em.

Sudwerk – Funke Hop Farm
Dry-hopped Sour Saison

Stone – 20th Anni Encore Series – Vertical Epic 08
Strong Belgian-style IPA

Stone – Stochasticity – Your Father Smelt Of Elderberries
A strong English Ale brewed with Elderberries

Monkish – Little Story
Farmhouse Ale fermented with Brett
Saison with Brettanomyces, dry-hopped with Citra

Port Brewing – Hop-15
Seasonal Double IPA brewed with 15 hop varietals

Green Flash – Green Bullet
Triple IPA with Pacific Gem and Green Bullet Hops


Modern Times – Aurora
Red Rye IPA with Equinox, Centennial, Horizon, and Experimental Hop 07270

Lagunitas – Doppel Sticky
Limited Release German-style Altbier dry-hopped with Enigma from NZ

Golden Road – Pamplemousse
Saison with Grapefruit Rind and Juice, hopped with Citra and Cascade






Heeyyy we want some brew today!

Allagash Cuvee d’Industrial (Clement only!) 375ml bottles
Select American and French oak barrel ales ranging in age from one to five years are put in the cuvee for a golden ale with complexity. Coovee. Cooooooveeeeeee

Coronado Old Scallywag Brandy Barrel 375ml bottles

Ahoy matey! With a weighty ABV of 11.4%, this English-inspired and oak brandy barrel aged ale will test your sea legs on dry land. Was that a gassy ‘hiss’ when I popped the top, or the siren’s song?
Drake’s Aroma Coma and Aroma Prieta 22oz bottles
The Coma comes along with a hoppy burst of American Cascade, Chinook, CTZ, and Citra hops. The Prieta flips the script and tickles our tastes with all Southern Hemisphere hops: Nelson Sauvin, Pacific Jade, and Moteuka from New Zealand. Helga from Australia. The first is citrusy and piney, the latter bright and fruity.
Pine Street Menagerie Saison sixpack 12oz cans
a strange or diverse collection of things
…a unique hybrid beer: a Bohemian wheat ale due to floor malted wheat, a Northwest pale ale from the Falconers Flight hop blend, and a Belgian farmhouse ale from saison yeast. 

New arrivals from Anchorage Brewing, Grimms, and some key restocks!

The Lost Abbey Framboise de Amorosa
Lost Abbey takes their Lost & Found Belgian-style ale and ages it in oak over multiple additions of raspberries. The result; love incarnate.

Grimm Super Going
Going going GULP: a high concept gose from the mighty minds at Grimm. German aroma hops, orange zest, and American white oak conditioning.

Anchorage Brewing Love Buzz
Rose hips, peppercorns, and fresh orange peels to spice the brew, then dry-hopped with Citra in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels… “would you believe me when I tell you, you are the king of my dreams”

Anchorage Brewing Bitter Monk
Our man up above does his imperial tribute to the almighty Orval Trappist ale.

Kulmbacher EKU 28
World classic superbock back in stock. Can’t tell if there is a renewed interest in these beers or simply nobody else carries them, but we got some all the same.


HOTTER than July! Err…

NEW ARRIVALS for this week at BOTH stores:
2014 Project! A wheat ale aged over whole strawberries and vanilla beans in oak wine barrels for up to twelve months.
The triumphant return of the sought-after peach sour from our friends in Fort Collins.
Phenomenal yet totally overlooked Belgian Quadrupel brewed by “The Professor” at DeProefbrouwerij and aged in barrels selected from the smoke-driven Islay single malt distillery Ardbeg.
From Lagunitas: These words are the voice of the beer you are about to drink, they are an attempt to be understood. The beer beneath is more than just words. It is a promise. You are the promised. Revel in your times…
…from Healthy Spirits: don’t call it an Imperial India-style White Pale. But you could.


These cool, foggy evenings definitely warrant a winter warmer if you’re so inclined. Selected holiday ales are 15% OFF through the month of July. While supplies last!