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New inventory and deals at Healthy Spirits (Bernal Heights)

Howdy folks, Eli here reporting from the apex of Cortland Avenue.  The sky is gray, the rain intermittent and the wind is cold.  Perfect weather for big coats, beanies and whiskey.  Below you’ll find a glimpse of our new inventory at Cortland and this week’s sale.



Mezcalosfera:  Produced by the founders of Mezcaloteca and Maestro Mezcalero, Felipe Cortes.  It’s a blend of Tobala and Madrecuixe.  Only 3 bottles available, priced at $189.99.  Agave Club members can pick it up for $169.99.

-Tasting Notes:

I drink my mezcal from a Glencairn glass which narrows the aromas. Putting your nose in the spirit and moving it away allows you to experience the aromatics of this mezcal in layers.  At the furthest point which is for me, about 3″ inches away I smell very sweet cake frosting.  Moving on in, I get bright, green and lush aromatics reminiscent of fresh nopales (steamed cactus), I also get pine and well done salted pork of all things.

On the palate, I the first thing I get is a sweet flame which coats my entire mouth instantly and in it’s dissipation, the piney-ness really stands out. It’s very herbaceous and ends dry and with black peppercorn, cucumber and candy corn sweetness.

Mezcal Marca Negra:  Another amazing line up from a few fantastic distillers.  I have the Espadin $69.99, Tobala $146.99, Dobadaan $149.99, Tepeztate $159.99 and last but definitely not least we got the rare Arroqueño $159.99.

Mezcal Tosba:  Two cousins from Oaxaca came here in the late 90’s to realize the American Dream and were inspired by what they saw happen in the Silicon Valley.  One of them went back to Oaxaca and studied under the mezcaleros, the other went to business school and together they started Mezcal Tosba.  They cultivate their own Espadin, Tobala and their Pechuga is made with local fruits from the local tropical forest and it really comes through with notes of banana, mango and fresh wet earth.  Espadin $63.99, Tobala $159.99 and the Pechuga is $109.99


Leopold’s American Small Batch Gin 40%: Juniper, orris root and hand zested American pummelos and oranges. 40% $42.99

Leopold’s Navy Strength American Gin 57%: Because it was stored next to gunpowder munitions on naval warships, Navy Strength gin was distilled to a proof just high enough that if it spilled during battle, the ship’s gunpowder would still ignite.  Each botanical is individually distilled and then blended together to produce this beauty.   $52.99

Hayman’s Old Tom Gin 40% – Smooth, botanical intensive and flavorful English Gin with a bit of sweetness.  $32.99

Engine 49 California Gold Gin 40% –   This style of gin is made by letting the botanicals sit in the neutral grain spirit after distillation.  If you love herbal tea, this taste like herbal tea. $34.99


The Scarlett Ibis Trinidad Rum 49% – Blend of 3-5 year aged Trinidad rums.  To retain the character of the sugar cane it is not chill filtered.  $37.99

Denizen Aged White Rum 40% – Blend of amazing small batch rums sourced from Trinidad and Jamaica.  Honestly the best white rum I’ve had for $20.

Denizen Merchant’s Reserve 43% – Another beauty of a rum from the Denizen blenders.  $34.99


Great King Street.  We got two new scotch blends from Compass Box.  The Glasgow Blend is rich with peaty-smokiness, underpinned by sherry cask-aged whiskies, full of dried fruit and wine character.  Palate is full and round with a little sweetness.  The Artist’s Blend is a blend of rich single malts and single grain whiskies.  Both are available in 375ml bottles for $29.99.

Black Saddle 12yr Bourbon 45%- Who said older whiskies are hard to find?  Black Saddle is back in the shop for $54.99


Modern Times: City of the Dead

Modern Times: Hooloomooloo Double IPA

Modern Times: Fruitlands Sour Apricot Gose

Modern Times Orderville: Dank Mosaic IPA

Modern Times: Floating World: Tropical ‘otherworldly’ Ipa

Coronado/Bear Republic Collaboration: It’s called MerBear.  We have two different bottlings of this, one from each brewery that took a slightly different twist on the recipe.  Try them both at Healthy Spirits.

Almanac – Peach de Brettaville

Almanac – Elephant de Brettaville

Paradox Beer Co– Skully Barrel no.37 & Hell for Stout

This is just a glimpse of the inventory we got in this week.  We get in a ton of new items all the time and there are differences in inventory between our three (soon to be 4) shops, so it’s worth it to follow us on social media.  The Book, The Instant Gram and the Tweeter are all good ways of keeping up with us. 

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High West Whiskies: Double Rye, Rendevous Rye, American Prairie, Son of Bourye, Bourye and Campfire.

Small Food Hands: Gum Syrup, Grenadine, Tonic Syrup, Orgeat and Passion Fruit Syrup

Corsair Whiskies.  We have the Ryemageddon, Wildfire, Galaxy, Mosaic, Oatrage and last but not least our exclusive Triple Smoke.

Rami’s Mommy: We have our own line of hummus, spicy hummus, baba ganoush and jalepeño lebani.  No preservatives and made fresh every week.  Try them out!