Club Membership

Healthy Spirits club memberships offer what our core mission is all about: delivering high quality, unique drinks with unparalleled knowledge to match. Our Beer, Bourbon or Agave clubs all feature monthly hand-selected offerings by our expert staff.

  • You receive specific tasting notes written by us each month
  • 10% discount on any purchase at any of our stores
  • Priority access to cellar sales and special offerings

Joining a club is simple: sign up online or in person. With your credit card on file, we’ll charge it automatically around the beginning of the month (average monthly range is $60-100). We will email you a notification that your order is ready, and you pick it up at your convenience. It’s that simple — and your next adventure in the world of craft beer, bourbon or agave is awaiting.


Escape from the norm and expand your palate with the best Beer Club around. This is not your ordinary Beer Club, we seek out the rarest, boldest and most extraordinary styles! From sours to barrel aged beers, vintage offerings and even historical recreations. In addition to being highly educational imagine never missing a limited release again with our member only bottle reservation privileges.


Pound for pound the best American Whiskey Club you’ll ever join. Featuring the rarest and most limited exclusive whiskies with a sprinkling of new and creative, our monthly selections are as good as it gets. Write ups are packed with insider information, interviews, tasting techniques and product details. Then the Holy Grail of perks: inclusion in our annual Pappy Van Winkle raffle.


Join us as Healthy Spirits writes a new chapter in the tequila and mezcal history books.  Unique and exclusive offerings will challenge and engage your palate, while detailed write ups will help you learn anything you’ve ever wanted to know about agave.