Healthy Spirits: New Arrivals

New Stuff:

1. High Water No Boundary IPA

2. High Water Hop Riot IPA

3. Knee Deep Hoptologist

4. Knee Deep Citra

5. Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

6. Julian Black+Blue Hard Cider

7. Lucky Hand Black Lager

8. Ninkasi Lady of Avalon 6-packs

9. Ninkasi Sleigh’r 6-packs

10. New Belgium Lips of Faith Super IPA

11. New Belgium Lips of Faith Peach Porch Lounger

12. Meantime India Pale Ale

13. Meantime London Porter

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Tubal ligation is a tubes tied surgery in which surgeon cut or block fallopian tubes of women’s to prevent pregnancy, which connect the ovaries to the uterus. This surgery procedure is also called “tubes tied” and “female sterilization”. After this surgery the women eggs which released from the ovaries cannot enter the uterus where sperms fertilize with eggs and in this way you can easily handle unnecessary and unwanted pregnancy.

Tubal ligation is permanent birth control surgical procedure which takes 30 to 45 minutes. After surgery the patient can go home on the same day and also can perform normal activities within few days. Women must have knowledge that tubal ligation surgery is permanent birth control solution because sooner later women who have had tubal ligation lamented on their fate and wish to become pregnant. Although there are several reversal treatments available but there is no guarantee that tubal ligation reversal will work because it’s depend on diffident conditions like, women age, previous ligation surgery, quality of eggs, etc.

But fortunately there are 2 most effective treatments are available in the medical science like: “tubal reversal” and “In vitro fertilization”. After these treatments the success rate of pregnancy is 70% to 80% which is quite high success rate.

Tubal Reversal Surgery:

This surgical procedure is called “tubal ligation reversal”, “tubal reanastomosis”, or, “tubal reversal”. In this procedure surgeon reopen, untie, or reconnect the fallopian tubes of women to the ovaries and uterus where the sperms can easily fertilize with woman eggs and she can become pregnant. This surgery is performed on those women who had tied their tubes and block the natural way of pregnancy.

According to a report by the “American Collage of Obs & Gynae”:

“The huge amount of women who are under the age of 30 performs tubal ligation because of different circumstance like, economical problems, pressured by someone else and other family problems.”

In vitro fertilization:

IVF (In vitro fertilization) is a medical treatment in which surgeon get woman eggs and male sperms and fertilize it outside of human body. After fertilization eggs transferred to the woman’s uterus and expecting successful pregnancy. This procedure is also called “test tube”. IVF is effective but also quite expensive treatment. This treatment needs many attempt and you have to pay a huge amount on every pregnancy attempt while reversal surgery is single attempt low cost procedure which makes your dream come true.

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