E. H. Taylor Barrel Proof, Tornado Surviving Warehouse, and Bottled in Bond Single Barrel

Hey all,

Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop on the captivating E.H. Taylor bourbons I currently have. Buffalo Trace started bottling the E. H. Taylor line a little over a year ago and is consistently selecting some of the best barrels in their inventory. E. H. Taylor was one of the original owners of the Buffalo Trace Distillery in the mid 1800’s. He was revered for his unprecedented quality control and innovations, some of which are still used to this day. To date the collection has included a Single Barrel bourbon (my favorite single barrel from buffalo trace) and the Tornado Surviving Warehouse bourbon (so this tornado totally hit one of their warehouses, then they like bottled some of those barrels). Both are excellent and bottled in bond, meaning they’re 50% alcohol (100 proof), giving them beautifully concentrated flavors and long lingering finishes. I just recently got in the “Barrel Proof” release, which is a cask strength unfiltered version of the already stellar Single Barrel. Bottled at 67.25% alcohol (134.5 proof) this is seriously as robust and flavorful as they come, pretty close to George T. Stagg territory. All three are on the shelf now, and I’m told a super limited E. H. Taylor rye may be available soon. Cheers