New Arrivals: Amador Barrel Strength Bourbon and Rye!

Hey All,

So if you weren’t already aware, we love Amador Distillery! I’ve personally had the pleasure of seeing my friend Adam’s dreams come to fruition. From brainstorming with him about the idea of starting a distillery, to talking about how products are coming along over the years, to even throwing our suggestions on label design, I’ve been fortunate to see a brand that holds a special place in my heart grow and flourish. A couple months ago we had the privilege of picking out a very special barrel, which sold out much quicker then we anticipated. Fortunately Adam has decided to offer some similarly awesome whiskies in the form of a barrel strength bourbon and rye. These are older then a lot of other offerings on the market with the bourbon clocking in around 7 years old, having an incredible amount of depth and spice, and the rye coming in around 3-4 years, perfect balance between vibrant spice and just enough oak for a rounded finish.

I can’t say enough good things about these whiskies, if you’re a fan of Willett Family Estate or Four Roses Private Selection Cask Strength you’ll wanna give these a go. Your Welcome.