Temptation 3L, Stone Juxtaposition and more!

Please read this announcement about Temptation 3L bottles carefully.
We received 4 bottles today. We will probably get a few more, but it’s not for sure. Bottles are limited to 1 per person. They are $83.99 each. I will not hold bottles for more than 2 days unless they are being shipped. Please understand that this is due to the large demand/limited bottle situation. Consecration 3L is expected next week, hopefully with a few more Temptation 3L.

1. Anchor Foghorn Barleywine
2. Samuel Adams Oktoberfest
3. Stone/Brewdog/Cambridge Juxtaposition Ale
4. Big Sky Moosedrool Cans-6pk
5. Big Sky Troutslayer Cans-6pk
6. North Coast Blue Star-6pk
7. St. Feuillen Brune/Tripel/Saison are back in stock!

It’s out today. Come in and get a 6 pack of Victory Prima Pils. It’s the perfect beer to cool off and still get your hop fix!


dave hauslein
beer manager