Templeton Rye hits shelves!

Rye drinkers can rejoice!

This tiny production rye whiskey which was introduced last year and was only available in bars, has been re-allocated to a select few retail shops. Guess who made the cut. Templeton rye utilizes a prohibition era recipe and is bottled in Templeton, Iowa. It came to fame in the 1920’s when a certain bootlegger, Al Capone, decided it was his favorite whiskey. This is definitely one of the more elegant ryes on the market, truly exceptional straight or perfect as a base for cocktails.

You want this!


4 replies on “Templeton Rye hits shelves!”

Nate – Templeton is indeed a very good rye, and the company is indeed based in Iowa.

But the whiskey itself is distilled at a big distillery somewhere (probably Kentucky). Scott and the others at Templeton call it their “distilling partner”. There was originally some talk about distilling in Iowa, but they’ve recently said they’ll never make their production spirit there.


Interesting stuff, I have always refered to it as the “old Seagram’s Distillery”, nice to see it actually has a name. I’m pretty sure LDI is also making the Redemption rye and bourbon. I’m curious about the Willett though, as my understanding is it mostly comes from Heaven Hill stock.

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