1. JIZAKE POOCHI POOCHI-A small batch micro brewerd sake with champagne carbonation. Serve chilled.($13.99/330ml)

2. OZEKI JUNMAI GENSHU HYOREI-This rare cask strength sake is bold and smooth. Pairs well with meat dishes, and tomato-based pasta. Serve ice cold. ($7.99/300ml)

3. GENBEI SAN NO ONIGOROSHI-“Devil Killer.” A smooth, mild sake. Pairs well with strong blue cheeses. ($4.99/187ml)

4. HAKUTSURU JUNMAI GINJO-“White Crane.” Floral and crisp, with just a hint of citrus. Very versatile in terms of food pairings. ($7.49/300ml)

5. HAKUTSURU SAYURI NIGORI-An unfiltered sake, with light, subtle sweetness, and touches of tropical fruit. Pairs well with Japanese noodle-based dishes. ($6.99/300ml)

6. OZEKI HANA AWAKA-A sweet, sparkling sake from Hyogo, Japan. Serve chilled. ($5.99/250ml)

7. JIZAKE TOMOSHICHI NIGORI-“Seven Friends.” A rare and delicate unfiltered sake from an obscure micro brewery. Strong and sweet with an earthy backbone. Very nice with veal chops.($19.99/375ml)

8. JIZAKE KIMOTO SHIZENSHU-This rich, full-bodied sake uses an open fermentation brewing style, similar to Belgian lambics. Hints of vanilla, cream, and peach soften out into more earthy flavors of morels and butter. The signature sake from Daishichi Brewery.($39.99/720ml)

9. KIUCHI YUZU WINE-Yuzu is a sour Japanese citrus which has an aroma distinct from any Western citrus.($19.99/16.9oz)