Here’s all the non-Russian River stuff we got today. 1. Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch (with the weasel coffee2. Amager Sundby Stout3. Amager Batch One Barleywine4. Amager H.R. Fredericksen Danish Imperial Stout5. Nogne-O Batch #1006. Nogne-O Dark Horizon Batch 2 7.Panil Barriquee Riserva8. Baird Shizuoka Natsumikan Ale9. Baird Dark Sky Imperial Stout10. Mikkeller It’s Alright!11. Brouwerij Strubbe Ichtegem’s Oud Bruin 750ml12. Brouwerij Strubbe Ichtegems Grand Cru Flemish Red (Sour) Ale 750ml13. Keyte Double-Triple 750ml14. Dikke Mathile 750ml15. Houten Kop 750ml16. Oud Zottegems Bier 750ml17. Keyte Triple18. Wittoen Triple cheers,dave