New Arrivals: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Hey All,

It’s been a long time coming, waiting for Stranahan’s whiskey to come back after it was pulled from the California market almost 5 years ago. The company got to big to fast, and like so many large distilleries today they decided that pulling product from their largest market (California), would allow them to keep up with demand locally in Colorado and their surrounding states. It’s a disturbing trend, one that seems to put a bullseye on California for selling the most whiskey in the country. I guess it is what it is.

But fortunately Stranahan’s is back, rightfully taking its place as one of the first micro-distilled single malts in the US. The flavor profile is grainy, with some well developed notes of honey, buttered rolls, cereal grains and florals. The flavor profile is soft and round with a very delicate assertion of oak. Very similar to how I remember it tasting all those years ago. Not sure if the legendary “Snowflake” will ever make it back to the bay area, that’s their red wine finished version, but I would highly recommend seeking that out if you can ever get your hands on it (currently only sold at the distillery). For now the regular Stranahan’s is available @ both shops! Cheers