New Arrivals: Glenmorangie Companta Private Edition!

Hey All,

Happy to announce the arrival of this year’s Private Edition from Glenmorangie. This is the fifth release in a series that’s always extremely limited. Each new iteration represents a one of a kind bottling that will never be made again. For “Companta” Master Distiller, and creator of awesome whiskey, Dr. Bill Lumsden traveled to the Burgundy region of France and hand selected some barrels from the Grand Cru vineyards at Clos de Tart. On a separate trip Bill found his way down to the Cotes du Rhone region and came away with some fortified red wine barrels from Rhone Valley.

Using both the Burgundy and Cotes de Rhone barrels to finish Companta turned out to be a match made in heaven. The flavors of berries and plums from the red wine perfectly compliment the notes of honey, citrus and crushed minerals already found in Glenmorangie. Unlike some red wine finished single malts Companta’s wine notes are beautifully integrated and add to the overall depth of flavor without being overpowering or musty. This is an exceptional Private Edition and one to seek out quickly if you want a shot at getting one. Cheers