New Arrivals from Mother Earth, The Bruery, Stone, & Big Al Brewing!

Mother Earth Brew Co. of Vista, CA finally answers the age-old question we’re constantly answering: “WHERE are ALL your PEANUT BUTTER BEERS?” Well, look no further. Sin Tax Imperial Stout gives you the dark roasted malts and peanut buttery finish you crave. Those with allergies rejoice, ’cause no peanuts were used in the making of this beer.

The Bruery Cuivre is an oak-aged solera-blended Belgian-inspired Old Ale, and if that many hyphens doesn’t get your tastebuds a-tinglin’ then mayhaps a new batch of Sour in the Rye, the first bottling to hit our shelves from the brand-spankin’-new Bruery Terreux operation in Anaheim, will give you the tickles.

Stone collaborates with (the Asheville of the West) Portland, Oregon’s Ecliptic Brewing and (the Portland of the East) Asheville, North Carolina’s Wicked Weed to bring us a blend to behold: Points Unknown IPA. 25% Belgian-style Tripel aged in Pinot Noir barrels used to age Tequila, 75% fresh West Coast Double IPA. You could search coast-to-coast and not find another beer like this.

Big Al Brewing is not to be confused with Big Al’s, but getting wild is what both are all about. In the case of the Time Capsule October ’14, open fermentation captured wild microflora that help to give this beer it’s own time and place. A mention on the back of the bottle to the SF Giants’ third World Series title in five years might be of some interest to the completist superfan out there.