New Arrivals: Dry Fly Bourbon, Triticale Whiskey and Port Finished Wheat Whiskey

Hey All,

The holiday season is in full swing here at Healthy Spirits, and we couldn’t be happier to see all the friendly faces with interest in craft beer and whiskey. One of the better micro distillers we’ve seen interest in lately, Dry Fly, is really hitting their stride with some new releases that absolutely blew us away. They were the first registered distillery in Washington post prohibition, and had a hand in pushing the legislation through that made it legal to distill in Washington once again. One of the big differences that sets them apart from other micro distillers is the use of normal 53 gallon barrels for aging. Their not trying to rush anything and it really shows in the flavor profile. Here’s what we got in:

Dry Fly Triticale Whiskey $29.99: A rare hybrid grain made from crossing wheat and rye, Dry Fly is the only producer with a triticale whiskey on the market. Beautiful cereal grain notes from the wheat mix flawlessly with the delicate floral/peppercorn spice from the rye.

Dry Fly Bourbon Whiskey $39.99: This bourbon clocks in at a robust 101 proof, giving a great bit of depth and mouthfeel for a whiskey on the younger side. Has a mash bill of 60% corn, 20% malted wheat and 20% malted barley. Notes of kettle corn, brittle, butterscotch and a hint of white florals.

Port Finished Wheat Whiskey $29.99: Since Washington is a big producer of wheat, Dry Fly’s flagship offering is wheat whiskey. This is a super limited version of their flagship finished in huckleberry port barrels. Notes of honey and cereal grain mix with berries and cream.

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