Healthy Spirits: Telegraph Sanus Spiritibus Release


We are very excited to announce the latest exclusive barrel aged release from Healthy Spirits!


Last year, we partnered with Santa Barbara’s Telegraph Brewing Company to release two bourbon barrel aged versions of their excellent Rhinocerous Rye Barleywine. We were very happy with the results, and since the barrels were still down south, we figured another collaboration was in order.


Since the barrels had already seen some serious action, we figured it would be best to give them one last run with a wild ale. This is a style Telegraph does particularly well, as those who have tried beers from their “Obscura” series can attest.


The beer they came up with is SANUS SPIRITIBUS (Healthy Spirits in Latin). Aged two months in bourbon barrels with two strains of Brettanomyces, Sanus Spiritibus brings together the vanilla and maple character of the wood with the complex funk of wild yeast. This is a beer that will continue to develop in the bottle for several years, with Brettanomyces coming to dominate the aroma. Only 38 cases were produced.


Sanus Spiritibus is only available at our two Healthy Spirits locations.




Tasting Notes:


The cork popped off with a bang.  No spillover, no gusher, just extremely carbonated.


Appearance:  murky apricot / tangerine colored


Nose:  brett bomb.  once you get past that there’s warm vanilla / caramel / toasted oak intertwined with potpourri / mulled cider spice-like aromas / some vague fruity notes


Flavor:  brett bomb.  funk (not too gritty, earthy or peppery, just right) and fruit (apple-skin).  heaps of vanilla and toasted oak follow very closely behind.  a little acidity and subtle tartness peaks out just before the beer dries out, relieving one from the heavy bourbon / toasted oak character.


Finish:  toasted oak, dried apple, vanilla…


The body is round and creamy – perfect dry finish.


 Excited about the aging possibilities on this one as the bourbon influence + the ABV make for a powerful beer that will benefit from time in the cellar.