Healthy Spirits: Crispin Cider and more!

1. Crispin Honey Crisp Cider
2. Crispin Lansdowne Cider
3. Crispin “The Saint” Cider
4. Dogfish Head Burton Baton
5. Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout
6. Sierra Nevada Hoptimum


dave hauslein
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3 replies on “Healthy Spirits: Crispin Cider and more!”

I’ve been trying to find more information about the Crispin Cider, interesting they are making a big push in CA.

I guess the focus is to experiment with Cider styles, as modern American brewers have with beer.

Interesting that the company is based in MN, but the Apple Juice comes from CA. Is the manufacturing also done here in CA?

How do they compare to the Chris Murray Cider?

Crispin just bought out Foxbarrel cider, so that could be why/and how they are making a push in CA

I was happy with the Crispin Ciders. They are very interesting, especially “The Saint.”

@erik-Different from the Christopher Murray. The Murray cider is very similar to Etienne DuPont. The Crispin are fairly unconventional.

Crispin is trying to push the idea of serving their ciders over ice, but I prefer them undiluted.


dave hauslein
beer manager

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