Healthy Spirits: Anderson Valley Oude Featherleggy Press Release


            Last year in late July I drove up to the Anderson Valley Brewing Company with San Francisco area sales manager Ian McCarten. The purpose of the trip was to deliver a 53 gallon Balcones True Blue Texas Corn Whisky barrel for a very special project.

 We somehow managed to stuff it into the trunk of Ian’s hatchback and within hours we were sitting at the tasting room’s spacious bar, talking shop with Brewmaster Fal Allen. Over the next few hours, we blended Balcones whiskey with every beer they had on draft, in some cases combining multiple beers to see how they blended. There are worse ways to spend a hot summer afternoon in Mendocino. 

 Eventually our beer alchemy paid off. The end result of that painstaking afternoon of drinking in the sun and eating cheeseburgers is a mythical beast that we like to call Oude Featherleggy (Old Arrogant Ale in Boonville slang).

Oude Featherleggy is a blend of 80% Brother David’s Dubbel and 20% Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout. It was aged in Healthy Spirits’ hand-selected Balcones True Blue Texas Corn Whisky barrel for just over eight months.

Fal describes the beer as being a “dark, rich mahogany color, aromas of coconut, chocolate and a hint of the deep dark woods. Flavors of cocoa nibs and oak, with overtones of marzipan and undertones of light ethanol and a hint of hay. Slightly vinous yet smooth and warming.”

You can get yourself a Featherleggy from either of our two Healthy Spirits stores starting THIS SATURDAY, JULY 13! 16oz swingtop bottles/$10.99.

This is a limited release, so grab some while you still can! 


Dave Hauslein

Beer Manager


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