Barrell 8 Year Bourbon and Barrell 7 Year Whiskey

Barrell Bourbon and Barrell Whiskey are setting the new standard for sourced whiskey bottlers, especially in terms20160118_143849 of transparency and overall experience. The whiskies are bottled at cask strength without the use of chill-filtration, allowing connoisseurs to try them in their pure undiluted state. And the best part is they’ll actually tell you where they’re coming from, who’s making them and what the mashbill is. No more smoke in mirrors, or tales of ancient relatives who might have made whiskey, or misleading claims about old or proprietary recipes that don’t exist. The combination of integrity and exceptional quality make these must try.

Barrell 8 Year Bourbon: Distilling Site- George Dickel Distillery in Tennessee. Mashbill-70% corn, 26% rye and 4% malted barley. Tasting Notes- Dark and concentrated with flavors of maple syrup, pumpernickel, petrified wood, caramelized nuts, brown sugar and toasted coconut.

Barrell 7 Year Whiskey: Distilling Site- MGP, Indiana. Mashbill- Bourbon mashbill of corn, rye and barley but aged in used bourbon barrels, making it an American or Light Whiskey. Tasting Notes- Creamy-lush flavors of cereal grain, wild flower honey, nougat, toasted pine nuts and marzipan. Soft and delicate while also bold and complex.