New Scotches in Stock: Ardbeg Day, Highland Park 12 and 15 year, Glenmorangie Taster 4 Pack

Hey all,

Got some new phenomenal Scotches in today:

-Glenmorangie Taster 4 Packs (100ml samples of the orginal Glen Mo, Lasanta 12 year sherry cask, Quinta Ruban 12 year port cask, and the Nectar D’or 12 year sauternes cask)
-Ardbeg Day Single Malt (the latest cask strength one off from one of our favorite producers, extemely limited, once it’s gone it’s gone)
-Highland Park 12 Year Single Malt (from the Isle of Orkney, island off the north coast of Highland and Speyside)
-Highland Park 15 Year Single Malt

Come and get it!