New Arrivals: Singleton 12 Year Single Malt

Hey all,

This is it. The last shipment of Singleton 12 year we’ll see in the US for some time, possibly permanently. The story goes that about a year and a half ago the owners of the Singleton brand had to make a tough decision, keep Singleton available globally and have lots of outages or pick a region or two that sells it best and make it only available there. They decided on the later and made it only available in their top market, Asia. The 750ml bottles were immediately pulled from the US and the product hasn’t been available since. Some how, much to our good fortune, a few cases of 1 liter bottles got lost at the distributor’s warehouse. We were able to secure those few precious lost cases and now have the beautifully balanced yet remarkably well priced 12 year gems on our shelves. Singleton has a little more oak than your average 12 year single malt and an impressive sea air/briny characteristic that really sets it apart. Get these while you can, $55.99 each. Cheers

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