New Arrivals: Four Roses Single Barrels “Staff Picks”

Hey All,

Just in time for the winter months, warm up your spirits with 1 of our 4 hand selected cask strength single barrels from Four Roses! We always sell out of our Four Roses barrels so fast, this time we decided to let each member of the staff pick a barrel so we would have more options for everyone to choose from. All of the barrel samples we tried were pre-selected by Master Distiller Jim Rutledge, ensuring they were of the highest quality before we even began to analyze and score them. I myself picked a barrel consistent with what I’ve chosen the last few batches, OBSO recipe and from the highest tiers in the warehouse making it exceedingly oaky and one that gained in strength. Dave, Rami and Scott each picked a different recipe bourbon. We scored them on three main criteria: nose and aroma, taste and mouth feel, quality and length of the finish. We looked for barrels that exceeded expectations in all three categories and added up to a transcendent bourbon experience. I helped over see the selection of each barrel, encouraging the staff to select unique flavor profiles they liked while making sure the bourbons were well rounded and relatively flawless. Here’s what we came up with:

-“Dave’s Barrel” – 55% Alcohol (110 Proof) – Warehouse Tier 1 – Recipe: OBSV (35% Rye) Has delicate fruity flavors of banana, apricot and pear, the higher rye content and a lush creamy finish.

-“Rami’s Barrel” – 62.5% Alcohol (125 Proof) – Warehouse Tier 4 – Recipe: OBSQ (35% Rye) Has an engaging floral essence with notes of rose pedals, peppercorns and nutmeg, with the higher rye content, and a long lingering earthy finish.

-“Scott’s Barrel” – 58.6% Alcohol (117.2 Proof) – Warehouse Tier 3 – Recipe: OESO (20% Rye) Has the lower rye content making it soft and luxurious with notes of ripe red fruits like raspberries, maraschino cherries and strawberries combined with creme brulee and marzipan. Smooth long finish.

-“Nate’s Barrel” – 64.5% Alcohol (129 Proof) – Warehouse Tier 6 – Recipe: OBSO (35% Rye) Has the high rye content making it boldly spicy, also firmer tannins from the higher tier aging. Notes of peppercorns, maraschino cherries, charred oak, gravel and burnt caramel. Amazing amount of depth and a tannic mouth watering finish.

Come and get it! Cheers


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Hello from Ann Arbor Michigan, We buy barrels 3 to 5 times a year Elmer T, Eagle Rare ,Buffalo Trace, Elijah Craig. But Barrel programs like this make my mouth water and wish I lived by your shop!!! Looks Awesome! What is the order of fastest seller to slowest so far? Dom

Hey Dominic, thanks for the nice comment. I’d have to say overall sales are pretty even barrel to barrel except for maybe my Nate’s barrel, which produced the least amount of cases. That being the case I really haven’t been pushing my barrel, everyone did such a great job with their selection I like to try and sell all of them, letting the customer decide which one fits their tastes best. I love working with Jim Rutledge and Four Roses, outside of Willett, they have the best barrel program going right now. Cheers!

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