New Arrivals: Buffalo Trace Experimental- Wheat Experiment (Castro Only)

Hey All,

Just got in the new Buffalo Trace Experimental, apparently it was so limited we only got it at one shop (just a few cases floating around for all of California). This new release is called the wheat experiment, which involved producing four identical wheated recipe bourbons where the only variable was the barrel entry proof. Here are some of the details for the bottlings:

Production Method:
-All 4 bourbons were distilled on 10-24-2001
-All 4 used the wheated recipe
-All 4 used the sour mash technique
-Still proof was 130
-Charred white oak with a level 4 char was used
-All barrels were made by Independent Stave Co. and air dried 3 months
-Barrels were aged in Warehouse K on Floor 6
-All 4 bourbons were bottled at 11 years and 7 months old
-All barrels were chill-filtered and bottled at 45% (90 proof)

Wheat 90 (barrel entry proof of 90)
-“This entry proof resulted in a bourbon with more wood characters and slight sweet notes. It is mellow with hints of cedar and other wood flavors”.

Wheat 105 (barrel entry proof of 105)
-“The 105 entry proof produced bourbon that is a nice balance of sweet caramel, vanilla and dry oakiness”.

Wheat 115 (barrel entry proof of 115)
-“The 115 entry proof produced a well-balanced spirit. The up-front taste is sweet and fruity, with buttery toffee notes that follow. This is completed with a dry oaky finish”.

Wheat 125 (barrel entry proof of 125)
-“The 125 entry proof resulted in a well-rounded flavor. The taste is a balance of cooked berries mingled with sweet honey and slight hints of spicy cloves and pepper”.

These are of course descriptions from the bottles, not from me. If I get a chance to try any of them I’ll add my descriptions here. Don’t sleep on these, they’ll go fast. Cheers