New Arrivals: Big Bottom Whiskeys

Hey all,

Got some new, highly anticipated bourbons from an Oregon based whiskey bottler in today. I’ll let the company regale you with the details:

3 Year Old American Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Aged in new white oaks casks, our American straight bourbon consists of 36% rye. The complexity of the whiskey contains spicy undertones of cloves with a twist of honeysuckles. The pleasing balances of the spice create a long, smooth finish.

2 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Port Cask Finish
Our 2 year old straight bourbon has been aged in new white oaks casks and consists of 36% rye. It is finished in 10 year old Tawny Port Barrels. The youthfulness of the bourbon with the age of the tawny port barrels make a perfect match on the palate, creating a longer finish.

You want these!