New Ardbeg Auriverdes Release and Special Ardbeg Day Discounts!

Hey All,

Happy to announce the arrival of the new Ardbeg Day release: Auriverdes! Just in time for the official international Ardbeg Day celebration this Saturday 5/31/2014. The latest release is aged in bourbon barrels that have had the barrel heads toasted. This extra toasting step brings out some really elegant vanilla and hazelnut notes, similar to a buttery chardonnay which would be aged in toasted barrels (instead of charred barrels like bourbon). I also get some intense earthy-smokey notes up front that lead into flavors of toasted coconut, honey, custard and crushed minerals, finishing with just a touch of phenolic heat. Epic stuff, with a little more oak and mouthfeel than the last few Ardbeg releases I can remember.

As a bonus offering the entire Ardbeg line will be on sale for 10% off, 15% for Club Members, Friday and Saturday only in honor of Ardbeg Day! Ardbeg Auriverdes and discounts available at both shops. Come and get it. Cheers