Local Micro Distilled Ryes!

You want em, we got em, every locally made micro distilled rye on the market. We have the tried and true Old Potrero made at Anchor Steam Brewery, widly credited as the distillery that started the micro distilling movement. We also have the new release from Old World Spirits in Belmont, Gold Run Rye, made in the unique style of an eau de vie spirit. And finally we have the aged and unaged versions of a rye that got it’s start at a local barber shop, 1512 Barbershop Rye. Check these out:

-Old Potrero Straight Rye
-Old Potrero 18th Century
-Old World Spirits Gold Run Rye
-1512 Spirits Barbershop Rye (Unaged)
-1512 Spirits Barbershop Rye (Aged)

I love supporting micro distilleries because they truly add unique flavor profiles to a market saturated with stocks from 7 or 8 macros. These are great brands and our support ensures they’ll be around for years to come. You want these!