Featured Bourbon: Jefferson’s Very Small Batch and Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old Small Batch!

Hey all,

So I’m a big fan of what Trey Zoeller and our friends over at Jefferson’s are doing. The legendary Jefferson’s Presidential 18 year was without a doubt one of the best bourbons ever bottled. Their pedigree for searching out and finding quality lots of bourbon is unmatched. What I love about the Jefferson’s and Jefferson’s Reserve lines are their willingness to actually make “small batch” bourbons. They’re not using a hundred plus barrels like some of the big boys would do. And their taking the time to taste every single component that goes into the blend, a labor intense and time consuming step that few bother doing. Kentucky Bourbon Distillers would be the other bottler I can think of.

-Jefferson’s Very Small Batch $29.99: An incredible value for a whiskey containing 5 to 12 year old stocks. The older bourbon gives this offering alot of depth, earthiness and barrel character while the end result remains soft, lush and creamy. A long-lingering finish makes this a classic

-Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old Small Batch $39.99: Another mid-range master piece at a price point we’ve never had it at before. The Jefferson’s Reserve contains bourbon as old as 20 years, and sinfully inundates the palate with notes of burnt caramel, toffee, butterscotch, roasted nuts, leather, nutmeg and a hint of blackberries and rye spice. The mouthfeel is a little thicker and more complex than the regular small batch, making it worth the extra ten bucks.

These price points will be while supplies last at both the Clement and Castro locations. Happy drinking!