Castro Rare Whiskey Day July 8th!

Hey All,

We’re excited to announce another installment of Rare Whiskey Day a Healthy Spirits Castro! All are invited and we hope to make several Rare Whiskey dreams come true. All non-cellar Whiskies in the store will be 10% off, or 20% off if you sign up for Whiskey Club or are a current Whiskey Club member. With some heavily discounted featured Whiskies as well.

On the shelf at 11am first come first serve (bottle limits will apply):

-Elmer T Lee $49.99
-Old Weller 107 Vintage Healthy Spirits barrel $39.99
-Yamazaki 12yr $119.99
-High West Yippee Ki-Yay $89.99
-High West Mid-Winter $119.99
-Elijah Craig 12yr $39.99
-Vintage Elijah Craig Barrel Strength $79.99
-Kavalan Vino Barrique $279.99 (2015 Best Single Malt World Whiskies Awards)

Raffle Times:
11:30- Smooth Ambler HS 8yr Rye $99.99
Noon- Smooth Ambler HS 10yr bourbon $99.99
12:30- Angel’s Envy Cask Strength bourbon $199.99
1:00- St George Baller Single Malt $89.99
1:30- Hakushu 18yr $299.99
2:00- Hibiki 17yr $249.99
2:30- Parker’s Heritage 8yr Malt $149.99
3:00- Old Potrero 18yr Hotalings $399.99
3:30- Blade and Bow 22yr $249.99
4:00- Van Winkle 12yr $149.99

Join us for a day of fun in the Castro store Saturday July 8th, we’ll have some great deals on featured whiskies and some other surprises along the way. Hope to see everyone there. Cheers!