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For the last couple of years, tequila has been HOT and it’s consumption has continued to grow around the globe in grand fasion.  In fact, China for the first time in history has recently opened it’s doors to allow the import of 100% agave spirits, and what happens when someone really starts drinking tequila?  They learn about mezcal and then the world takes on a bit more wonder.

Tasting your way through agave spirits is unlike any other journey you’ve had due to the wide variety of agave varietals being distilled today.  Not only that but just like wine, agaves pull much of their flavor from the earth itself (terroir) and due to the different production methods used, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever have two bottles taste exactly the same.  For these reasons, we’ve started the Agave Club headed by resident agave expert and producer, Eli Rodriguez who co-founded Mi Casa Tequila and 1933 Spirits.  Eli has years of experience advocating agave spirits and has intimate knowledge about the agriculture and business of distilled spirits.  The monthly cost is just the cost of the bottle minus 10% and can range from $50-120, though over the course of a year will average to about $70 dollars a month.  All our club members receive an educational presentation via PDF which will often include interviews with producers.


SIGN UP HERE, the sign up form will ask which club and where you’d like to join.  If you have any questions about the club call Eli at 415-374-7838 M-F after 2pm.


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