Tequila Highlight: Tequila Revolucion

Hi Guys Eli here with another Tequila Highlight.  Today I’m highlighting the Tequila Revolucion line up.  It’s a brand that I’ve seen from time to time but it wasn’t until a few weeks back that I had a chance to sit down and taste it.

The verdict? It’s good!

The line up is smooth across the board leaning towards slightly sweeter tones.  The Repo and Añejo are aged in casks that have been used for no less than 20 years so the agave notes are never over oaked.  There is absolutely no artificial sweetener or color added.  Add to that incredibly reasonable price points and you have a winner.

Who’s this tequila for?

This tequila is for everybody and anybody.  I especially recommend it if you are looking to buy a bottle for someone who may not drink tequila and you want to introduce them to the category.  It’s definitely a fantastic gateway tequila and a superb choice as an everyday drinker.

Revolucion Organic Silver – 39.99
Revolucion Reposado – 43.99
Revolucion Añejo – 48.99
Revolucion Extra Añejo – 109.99

Visit them on the web at