Lagavulin 25 Year now available at Healthy Spirits!


Happy to announce the arrival of Lagavulin 25 year at all three shops. The staff absolutely fell in love with this whiskey when we tried it, and simply had to share our thoughts:

Nose: Decadent aromas of maple syrup, nougat, sherry and stone fruit blend harmoniously with a touch of peat and smoke that hover overhead like a cloud. The peat is not intrusive, more refined and integrated from the age. As it opens up in the glass notes of apricot, lemon, campfire and scorched earth come through, with a hint of ointment and bandaids reminiscent of more phenolic malts like Laphroaig. Fantastic.

Mouth: On the palate Lagavulin 25 year is exceedingly creamy and lush with notes of toffee, Crème Anglaise & vanilla custard, volcanic rocks, iodine and a touch of spice. You’re getting your moneys worth with this cast strength offering but nothing less should be expected with Lagavulin.

Finish:  Long, lingering finish with notes of frosted flakes, maple bars, and the faintest hint of sea weed and peat. Beautifully balanced and genuinely a once in a life time treat.

Extremely limited quantities on this, so if you’re interested don’t miss out on your opportunity to grab one of the best single malts we’ve ever had.