Healthy Spirits: New Releases

First off all, I will address the PARABOLA issue. It didn’t come in today. It will (probably) come in tomorrow. Ugh. When it comes there will be a post on the blog. Only people in Beer of the Month Club will be able to reserve bottles, and there will definitely be bottle limits. We are only getting a few bottles of this one and we want to make sure everyone has a shot at it. I wish you all the best of luck.

We received a couple great bottles today, which you will find below.

1. R.I.P.A. on Rye-He’Brew’s Bittersweet Lenny DIPA aged in Sazerac Rye Barrels

2. Port Brewing Anniversary-10% Imperial IPA

3. Lost Abbey Tumblers and Stemmed Glassware!

4. Einbecker Mai Ur-Bock-Delicious, sessionable German seasonal

5. Gavroche Red-French Biere De Garde

Buffalo Belgian Bitter-A Hoppy Belgian Strong Ale from the makers of the fantastic Buffalo Stout


dave hauslein
beer manager