SFBeerWeek 2015 ‘Manac Monday with Almanac!

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SFBeerWeek 2015 ‘Manac Monday with Almanac!

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With the mania surrounding the arrival of a new batch of Valley Of The Heart’s Delight later this week, we’ve decided that the best cure for a case of the Mondays would be to release to you, our adoring public, a slew of reserved Farmer’s Reserve & Farm To Barrel bottles.

In addition to the release today, we still have a great stock of Heirloom Pumpkin, Devil’s Advocate, and Farmer’s Reserve Blueberry bottles.

It’s just another ‘Manac Monday at Healthy Spirits!

Limit 1 bottle per person please. While supplies last. Both stores currently have a limited amount for the folks who stop by the shops and for club member reservations. SF Beer Week 2015 keeps rollin’ along!

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