Old Rip Van Winkle Bourbon Smoked Fish!

I usually reserve this space for Bourbon posts, but when you get your hands on some of the best smoked fish around I think we can make an exception, and oh yeah did I mention they use Van Winkle Bourbon!!!!!!!

Shuckman’s Fish Co. and Smokey has been wowing patrons with premium quality seafood since 1919. Based in Louisville Kentucky, they have a wonderful assortment of caviar, seafood spreads and smoked fish. My favorite are the Bourbon smoked fish, which are now available at Healthy Spirits. Check the selection:

-Smoked Alder Salmon with Van Winkle Bourbon: Hot smoked for 10 hours
-Smoked Nova Salmon with Van Winkle Bourbon: Cold smoked for 8 hours and sliced thin
-Smoked Kentucky Rainbow Trout with Van Winkle Bourbon: Hot smoked slowly with Hickory Wood

Come and get it!