New Scotches!

Hey guys,

So I happily grabbed a few off the beaten path Scotches to add to our collection. Check these out:

-Gordon & MacPhail “Glenturret” 11 Year Highland Single Malt (arguably my favorite unpeated Scotch in the store right now, beautiful oak tannins make for an engaging texture and it has this really unique lemon zest flavor in the finish.)

-Blackadder “Laphroaig” 13 Year Islay Single Malt Raw Cask (probably the best Laphroaig bottling I’ve ever tried. Offered at cask strength, non-chill filtered and non-sediment filtered. There are literally chunks of barrel floating around in this bottle, which makes it as concentrated and flavorful as possible)

-Gordon & MacPhail “Coal Ila” 14 Year Islay Single Malt Finished in Heritage Casks (Unbelievably soft and approachable Coal Ila offering finished in red wine barrels for 30 months. A subtle red fruit sweetness combines with notes of peat smoke, gravel and sea weed, making this a very well balanced Islay Scotch.)

-Benromach 10 Year Speyside Single Malt Finished in Burgundy Wine Casks (made at the smallest distillery in Speyside and finished an unheard of 7 years in Burgundy Pinot Noir barrels. This is one of the best red wine finished bottlings I’ve tried.)

All four of these are one off’s, so once their gone their gone. Cheers


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Sorry about that, the whiskey menu on the left side of this page is where we have all of our pricing. Usually I use the postings more for information and descriptions,and keeping you in the loop on new arrivals. Here’s the prices from this post:

-G&M Glenturret 11yr $79.99
-Blackadder Laphroaig 13yr $169.99
-G&M Coal Ila 14yr $109.99
-Benromach 10yr $85.99



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