Agave Beer Whiskey

New Cheese Arrivals-07/05/08

Strong Cheese Week

In conjuction with our strong beer month we bring you some of the most pungent wash rind cheeses on the market:

Winnimere– Raw cow’s milk cheese washed with lambic beer and then wrapped in spruce bark. This is a beautiful triple creme cheese with a woodsy flavor and a slightly sour finish from the beer.

Mont St. Francis– Raw goat’s milk wash rind cheese. Nice ruby red rind, cheese is rich, beefy, and deliciously aromatic. This cheese was one of the first great washed rinds in America.

Morbier-Is smooth, silky, supple, and happily smelly. Proudly sporting a sticky washed and brushed rind, the raw cow milk cheese is aged for four months to result in a sweet cheese with a buttery pungency and a line of ash in the center
Sir Francis Drake– Very limited release from cow girl creamery. Soft and creamy cow’s milk wash rind cheese that is probably the mildest of the bunch. Spreadable texture with a mildly sweet berry flavor from the currant skins the cheese is wrapped in.