New Arrivals: Rittenhouse Rye and Healthy Spirits Exclusive Eagle Rare Barrel

Hey all,

Got some great news, two long long, long awaited arrivals. First off we finally got our Healthy Spirits exclusive bottling of Eagle Rare 10yr single barrel. Myself, Rami and Dave, and several happy customers that walked in at the right time, tried many many barrel samples, trying to find just the right one. I personally think this is the best bottling of Eagle Rare I have ever tasted and am proud to have our Healthy Spirits name on it! Here’s the barrel we selected:
Barrel Lot#: 00-D-13
Bbl Location: C-5-14
Barrel#: 128
Also finally got Rittenhouse Rye 100 proof bottled in bond back in stock. This one has been unavailable for the better part of a year, as the rye whiskey shortage and increasing demand for rye whiskey continues. This is just a phenomenal whiskey, and with a price in the mid $20’s, there really is nothing like it in the market. This will kick your whiskey cocktails up a couple notches! Cheers