New Arrivals: Nikka 12 Year “Miyagikyo”, Nikka 21 Year Taketsuru, Nikka 17 Year Taketsuru, Nikka Coffey Grain

Hey All,

It’s great to see some more Japanese whiskies finally hitting the US market. After positive results with their first two offerings, the Taketsuru 12 year pure malt and the “Yoichi” 15 year single malt, Nikka has decided to add four new highly anticipated whiskies to their line up across the pond.

Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky $79.99: The word “Coffey” refers to the use of a rare “Coffey Still” that Nikka imported from Scotland in 1963 to make its remarkably elegant corn based grain whisky.

Nikka 12 Year “Miyagikyo” Single Malt $129.99: This is the first single malt from the Miyagikyo Distillery that’s been made available in the US. Miyagikyo has a much peatier flavor profile than its sister distillery (Yoichi), the company’s other producer. When stocks from both distilleries are combined you get the Taketsuru pure malt line. This 12 year shows a beautiful minerality and earthiness, with some nice campfire notes, and lush toffee and nougat flavors that balance it out.

Nikka 17 Year Taketsuru Pure Malt $169.99: A blend of single malts from both the Miyagikyo and Yoichi Distilleries. The 17 year Taketsuru has a very refined and complex flavor profile with notes of honey, vanilla, lemon and berries with just a touch of black pepper and banana bread.

Nikka 21 Year Taketsuru Pure Malt $199.99: The oldest Japanese whisky currently available in the US. A little more depth and oak than the 17 year with notes of honey, dark chocolate, espresso, prunes, gingerbread cookies, sherry and a hint of soy sauce.

Both the 17 and 21 year Nikkas have been pretty tightly allocated so far, I wouldn’t sleep on those if you have any interest. The Coffey Grain and 12 Miyagikyo have had a little better availability. Cheers