New Arrivals: Glendronach 21 year and 18 year single malt scotch

Attention everyone, I have an urgent and horrifying news break, and I need you all to stop what your doing and listen. Glendronach single malt Scotch is awesome! You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Glendronach is truly one of the best sherry cask aged Speyside single malts Scotches. The producers focus primarily on first fill sherry butts and have the audacity not to add any caramel color, unlike some other brands (*cough, MaCallan, cough*). The oakier flavor profile is full and rich with notes of toffee, nougat, earth and charred oak. But it’s the remarkable palate gripping texture and viscosity that really sets these apart. This for me, is all the oak I’ve ever wanted as a bourbon fan, but in the form of a single malt Scotch. Look out for a few cask strength single barrel bottlings the next few weeks as well.

New In:
-Glendronach 21 year “Parliament” $169.99
-Glendronach 18 year $149.99

Also in Stock:
-Glendronach 15 year $99.99
-Glendronach 12 year $59.99

Available @ Both Shops. You stay classy San Francisco!