New Arrivals: Four Roses Limited 2014 Single Barrel and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

Hey All,

Happy to announce the arrival of these two highly anticipated bourbons. While we’re grateful for what we’re given, the allocations on Four Roses products are getting smaller and smaller with each release. While I’d love to give you some in depth tasting notes here, since we only got 3 bottles of each, I can’t in good consciences eliminate 33% of the supply. You guys, our loyal following, are way to important for that. These will probably sell out in a matter of minutes, first come first serve, limit one bottle per customer.

While club members can call in to reserve, I also put a side one bottle of each for in store sale only so everyone has a shot. Apologies in advance if you’re not able to get one. Good luck!

Castro: 415-255-0610
Clement: 415-682-4260