New Arrivals: E. H. Taylor Barrel Strength, Elijah Craig 21 year and Stagg Jr Barrel Strength!

Hey All,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Got a few last minute holiday arrivals today:

-Elijah Craig 21 year bourbon $169.99
-E. H. Taylor Barrel Proof bourbon $94.99
-Stagg Jr Barrel Proof bourbon $59.99

All three bourbons are highly allocated, but the quality of each is second to none. This is the second release of the Elijah Craig 21 year, E.H. Taylor barrel strength and Stagg Jr, which may imply some degree of regular availability. They’ll still sell out quickly but there’s a chance we may receive more every few months, which is a happy sign if you ask me. Thanks for the interest and have a Happy New Year!

Available @ Both Shops