New Arrivals

First of all, I hope everyone is enjoying all the great beer events throughout the city. If you haven’t made plans yet, be sure to check out for all the details. Healthy Spirits is currently stocked to the brim with some of the best beers in the world, so when you’re done with beer week events and are looking for a nightcap, stop in and say hello!

We’ve been getting lots of calls about the Russian River Consecration. Believe me, I’m as excited about it as you are. As of today, we do not know the exact date we will be recieving it, but rest assured that as soon as it comes , it will be on the blog. You’ll be able to call and reserve bottles. Depending on how much we get there may be a bottle limit, but we will try to keep it fair. I know some of you probably have Beer Advocate trades lined up 🙂 If you call to reserve bottles, we will only hold them for 1 business day. Anyway, that’s a lot of information considering we don’t even have it yet. I just thought it would put some people’s minds at ease.

Okay. New Arrivals time.

1. Allagash Interlude 2008

2. Allagash Black

3. Ballast Point Sea Monster Stout

4. Full Sail Slipknot

Drink, you drinkers!