Meet the Marqués.

I’m really excited to introduce you to Mezcal Marqués de Jaral De Berrio.  It is made from Agave Salmiana which is a big agave with large droopy leaves.  I had never heard of this varietal but have been doing a bit of research and it seems as if these agaves don’t yield as many sugars as other agaves and because of that, they are seldom used in commercial products.  This is however a very special mezcal made in Guanajuato Mexico.  We brought the Plata and the Reposado in the shop and both are super smooth and are pack very little heat.  The Plata is creamy with delicate vegetal notes reminiscent of sweet brussel sprouts and fresh greens.  The Reposado is barreled just enough to nudge the vegetal flavor in exchange for light accents of vanilla.

Available now at the Castro store for $49.99 & $54.99

Info to geek out on:

Distiller: Daniel Botello

Distillery: Embotelladora Jaral de Berrio SA de CV

Oven: Conic Stone

Fermentation: Inox open containers

Milling: Tahona (large stone wheel)

Distillation: Copper Still (alambique)/2x

Agave Elevation: 6,824′ (Highland)

Soil Type: Sub angular blocky structure, consistency ranging from firm to very firm texture and from argillaceous to sandy loam.  Its origin is colluvial to alluvial, pH of 6 to 7.8

Climate: Semi desert, warm weather with cooler winter season.  Average annual temperature is 16.7 C.  Rainfall is 473.4 ml.

Water: Well (thermal)