Last of the Fitzgeralds…….

Hey All,

So maybe you haven’t heard, but this thing called bourbon is becoming pretty dang popular these days. So much so that distilleries like Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill are out of product across the board. The Fitzgerald brands have become the latest victim, as anything baring the Fitzgerald name is officially unavailable in California for the foreseeable future. Fitzgerald is of course one of the original wheat recipe bourbons which the Van Winkle’s made famous at their now closed Stitzel-Weller Distillery.

While Heaven Hill’s most heavily promoted wheat recipe bourbon Larceny will still be somewhat available, I took it upon myself to grab the last few cases of Fitzgerald 1849 in the state. At around six years old and $19.99 a bottle, it’s hard to beat 1849 in terms of bang for your buck and quality. A very comparable bourbon in terms of price, age and recipe, is the currently unavailable Buffalo Trace W. L. Weller Reserve. Who’s absence in the market seems to only further fan the flames of bourbon geeks everywhere bunkering down as many wheaters (wheat recipe bourbons) as they can get their hands on. Will W. L. Weller and Old Fitzgerald make an appearance on the market again some day. Almost certainly yes, but the days of finding this stuff on the shelves with any regularity may be gone, gone for good.

I got a few more cases at Castro or at Clement by request. Get em while you can my friends.