Heavy heavy hitters every week at Healthy Spirits

The elusive Bigfoot in his native habitat…

HS = Healthy Spirits, but it also means HEAVY STOCK. The trucks rolled in, the truckers rolled out, and we’re flexing our massive biceps to roll up the best stuff in the city. Like the Macho Man (RIP) says OOOHYEEUH!

Uinta Detour DIPA 750ml $10.99
All-pro halfback with a ballet danseur’s steps: Hershel Walker through a goal-line defense.

Früh Kölsch 500ml $3.99
Köln = Cologne. No perfume, only beer!

Grand Teton Trout Hop Black IPA 4pks $10.99
Water can flow, or it can crash! Be water my friend.

Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca 375ml $7.99
Every Macho Man needs a Miss Elizabeth.

Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Quad 375ml $4.99
Holy men who praise their creator(s?) through work. Praise be to Belgian STRONG Ale!

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine 4pks $9.99
Yetis, Yowies, Yeren, Sasquatches, Hibagons, Tsul ‘Kalu. The hairy apeman cometh!

Kulmbacher Pils 330ml $3.49
Try to say Kulmbacher without sounding all tough and stuff. I dare you. See? Impossible!

Anchor Bock 6pks $9.99
Bock means ram. Rams butt heads. Possibly your last chance to square up to this San Francisco classic before Anchor headbutts them out of the market!

BrewDog Hardcore Imperial IPA 4pks $11.99
Scottish brewpunx oi oi oi up the mashpit and slamdance hops in the whirlpool. Punks not dead.

Sam Adams Rebel IPA 6pks $9.99
“Slim” Jim Koch and the Boston boys lay down the gauntlet by putting “West Coast Style” on the package. East vs. West revisited!