Healthy Spirits: CROOKED STAVE EARLY BOTTLE RELEASE! (Please Read Carefully)

Healthy Spirits proudly announces that we have been selected as one of only two stores in the Bay Area for the early release of the highly anticipated Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project!

At 5:00pm Tuesday, July 30th (Today!) the following Crooked Stave beers will be available:

Vieille Artisanal Saison

Surette Provision Saison

St. Bretta Whitebier 100% Brettanomyces

Price is $8.99 per bottle plus tax & CRV. Due to the great demand for these exceptional beers there will be a limit of one (1) bottle of each variety per customer.

Bottles will go on sale at both shops 5:00PM sharp. No sales or reservations will be made before that time.

We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity to grab some Crooked Stave before its official release!