Hacienda de Chihuahua: Yelpy yet stoic.

Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol
Glorious days friends, this is your friendly neighborhood tequila guy.  I want to talk to you about Hacienda de Chihuahu Sotol, while not made from agave I thought it’d be interesting to bring in.  It’s made from wild harvested stools, which are spiny dessert plants that while may look like a cousin of agave, it’s definitely not agave.  These spirits are sweet, earthy and light.  I’m carrying the Reposado and Anejo which I found to be nice and smooth with pleasant injection of the New French Oak.

Reposado: $25.99
Anejo: $35.99
PS.  I’m not that used to Windows keyboards so I’m not sure how to make the accented ‘n’ on this laptop.  Whenever you see the word ‘anejo’ use your imagination to make a lil swiggly over the ‘n’.  This makes the ‘nyeh’ sound and is adequately accomplished by pushing your tongue off the roof of your mouth.  If you know how to do it and can fill me in I’d really appreciate it.  Until next time folks.