Glenrothes Line Now in Stock! CLEMENT STREET ONLY

Hey all,

Just got in some phenomenal Speyside whiskeys from Glenrothes!***  One of the oldest currently operating distilleries in Speyside, Glenrothes specializes in releasing whiskey not at any particular age statement, but when they feel it has reached its peak.  Instead of the usual 12,15 and 18 year old releases, Glenrothes produces small batch blends of various vintages.  It’s a nice change of pace to see a traditional distiller bottling outside the rigid constraints of age statements.  We just got in the Select Reserve (no age statement), the 1998 Vintage, and the 1995 Vintage…. here’s what I thought of ’em.

Tasting Notes:

Select Reserve:  I get lemon and orange citrus, caramel, and just enough spice on the finish to keep it from being too easy-going.  The body is smooth and silky, the finish spicy and warming.  Probably the best Speyside single malt for the price in the shop.

1998 Vintage, bottled in 2012:  Engaging nose of candied lemons, and ripe red fruits.  Mid-palate rich vanilla cream sets in, laying a comfy foundation for the invigorating and spicy finish.  Easily one of the most engaging single malts I’ve tasted in recent memory.

1995 Vintage, bottled in 2012:  A bit richer than the ’98, the ’95 exhibits lush caramel, almost butterscotchy aromas that serve as a wonderful backdrop for the brighter citrus fruit notes.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, and grapefruit rind round out the lush body and leave the mouth watering for another sip.  It is a remarkably cohesive whiskey, full of rich nuanced tones, and one that certainly rewards careful inspection.  A definite winner in my book!

Well there’s the quick and dirty of it, until next time…. cheers!

Scott Hackney
Store Manager Clement St.

***NOTE:  these whiskeys are only available at the CLEMENT ST location!