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As some of you may know, I’m working on bringing in a hundred or so new beers over the next month or two. I have alot of ideas, but I want to know what YOU want. More IPAs? An entire shelf of Russian Imperial Stouts? Gruit ales? Meads? Let me know.



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My name is Mike, not anonymous. Love your selecton of beers. Here are some beers that I order from different sites.
1). Any Oskar Blues would be nice.
2). Victory Storm King and Golden Monkey (not Prima Pils and Hop Devil).
3). Alesmith on a regular basis.
4). Alpine on a regular basis.
5). Great Divide on a regular basis.
6). MacMennamins (sp?) and any other Pac-NW brewer.

Hey Mike, thanks for your suggestions.
Are you getting most of these beers from LIQUID SOLUTIONS? If not, they are a great organizaion I would highly reccomend, located in Portland, OR.
1. OSKAR BLUES isn’t available yet, but its just a matter of time.
2. VICTORY isn’t in N. California yet, but I will keet an eye out for it.
3. I am working on ALESMITH.
4+5. Alpine and Great Divide are still hard to get here, but as soon as they become available, we will have them.
6. I will be loading up on any and all Pacific Northwest micros.

Thanks again for yout suggestions!



Thanks for the feedback request. If I had it my way, I’d want more Imperial Stouts and Wilds/Sours. I’d be willing to pay a premium for stuff that I couldn’t get at other local stores or online.

Glad to see you’re expanding!

No problem. Imperial Stouts and Wild ales are no problem. Any in particular? This wednesday I will be putting out the Port Brewing “Santa’s Little Helper” Imperial Stout.
Thanks for your input!



I’d love to see more small West Coast producers, since there seem to be more cropping up every day. I love the obscure imports, don’t get me wrong. But Bruery? Fifty-fifty? Uncommon brewers? (Of course, the appearances by Alesmith and Port are exciting additions.) Drink local!

I can’t wait to see what the store will look like come November…

Don’t get over to your shop nearly enough. The times I have are always a pleasure. Just stumbled onto your blog here today.
On the wild ale’s I would definitely suggest Jolly Pumpkin Ales from Dexter MI. I am just starting to see some of their beers become available in our area. The more choices of their seasonal selections the better, if you ask me.
Just shared a bottle of Luciernaga I have been saving, with some friends this weekend, delicious. And, last year I remember having a bottle of the Noel de Calabaza that was very sour, but also very good. Also, La Roja is a very good Flemish Red, I wish I could drink it more often.

I was wondering about more beers from De Struise Brauwers. I know that you are working with the Shelton Brothers more and more. They are now importing many more of their beers.
Can you get more than just the Witte?
I am hoping to see:
1) Pannepot
2) EarthMonk
3) Black Albert
4) Twickenham Struise Porter

Thank you for your great store.

Hi Healthy Spirits. One request: Grimbergen Blonde Ale.

Amazing job w/ the store. Best of luck and see you very soon.

– Coleman

Just wanted to address the last few posts.
-The whole GRIMBERGEN line is on the way.
-I always order the STRUISE stuff, but it very rarely comes. However, I have high hopes of getting their Christmas ale some time in the next few weeks, and possibly a little of the regular PANNEPOT. My understanding is that LIQUID SOLUTIONS in Portland got exclusive rights to the limited Struise beers this time around.
-Rob: Just got in most of the Deschutes line, a bunch of Rogue and Lagunitas, etc. Over the next two weeks you will see a much better representation of American ales.
-Jolly Pumpking should be here next Wednesday. They are now shipping directly from brewery to distributor, so it should be a regular item.

Keep them coming!



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