Going to Moscow

Hello everyone,
I will be leaving tomorrow evening for Moscow, so if you have any beer questions or need anything, you can either call the store at 415-255-0610, or leave them on the blog. Thank you to everyone for making 2008 such a great year for Healthy Spirits.
Have a happy holiday, and while you’re at it, have a couple of drinks.



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12/24 we will be open till at least 10 pm (our normal hours) and possibly later if we’re busy.

12/25 we will also be open christmas day but will close early, in the 5-6pm range, Cheers


Yeah I’m kind of curious what it says myself. I don’t exactly have Russian letters on my keyboard so google translator is out. I bet Dave could actually translate it when he gets back, cheers


It basically says that one should not drink (or drink too much) so that they do not give away secrets or become vulnerable.And
Moscow kicks ass, by the way. Not too much of a beer scene, but lots of enthusiastic drinkers!
I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Cheers to Nate and Rami for busting it out over the holiday season.
Have a couple of Cantillons for me!


(writing from Moscow at 7 in the morning, -4 farenheit)

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