A great article about our exclusive Barrel Aged Moylan’s beer by Jason Henry!

he most successful bars and beer shops are the ones that work closely with breweries. Building bridges with brewers not only helps secure distribution of limited beers, but it can also lead to collaborative projects that can put a store on the map. Russian River Brewingbrewed a legendary beer for Toronado’s 20th anniversary. A handful of prominent breweries crafted brews for the City Beer Store Fifth Anniversary celebration.

This week, Healthy Spirits is poised to unveil their own unique project. The chalkboard sign outside the shop reads “we know bourbon, beer, and hummus.” Thankfully, the collaborative product they’re about to release only involves two of those three things. For nearly two years, Healthy Spirits has been working with various distilleries to release proprietary single barrel liquors.

Right now, their shelves are stocked with Healthy Spirits-only single barrel bourbons from notable brands such as Four Roses, Elijah Craig, and Willet. So once you’ve selected and bottled your single barrel bourbon, what do you do with the empty barrel? Did you answer “saw it in half and make a rustic planter!”?. WRONG. The correct answer: ask local breweries to brew a beer for you, and fill ’em back up.

Thankfully, the folks at Healthy Spirits chose wisely. This week, welcome the first in a line of bottled, barrel-aged beers made exclusively for the shop. The inaugural release is an imperial stout from Moylan’s that spent ten months in Healthy Spirits’ Eagle Rare Ten-Year bourbon barrel. Expect a lush mouthfeel and notes of milk chocolate, bourbon, and vanilla. Fans of barrel-aged beers can look forward to two more exclusive beer releases during SF Beer Week. As long as they don’t make a bourbon barrel-aged hummus beer, we’re on board.

Healthy Spirits Single Barrel Beer Release
Where: Healthy Spirits, 2299 15th Street (at Castro), (415) 255-0610
When: Friday, December 16 at 6pm
Cost: $13.99 per bottle, two bottle limit.
What: The first in a series of barrel-aged beer releases. For the adventurous, the second bottling of Healthy Spirits’ Eagle Rare single barrel bourbon is also available for $30.99. Purchase both for side-by-side comparison and likely tastebud explosion.